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What is a BARN QUILT?
Throughout areas across the country, barns and buildings can be seen decorated with colorful squares of wood, painted with geometric designs.  These decorative pieces are called Barn Quilts.  Barn quilts are large, colorful wooden blocks ..... "outdoor art"
Painted to withstand Mother Nature’s seasonal elements, each quilt is one-of-a-kind, hand painted just for you!  Barn Quilts are bringing centuries of heritage to your outdoor spaces.
Quilts have always been a comforting symbol of home and family. Adding a Barn Quilt to your home or barn, will add beauty to the country, and will be    a sign of "welcome home".
The Humble History of the Barn Quilt 
The American barn quilt movement started in Adams County, Ohio, when Donna Sue Groves painted a quilt block on her tobacco barn to honor her mother, a master quilter, and show the pride of their Appalachian heritage.
Donna Sue Groves, the woman behind "Barn Quilts": (Please view)
 Join us in connecting the "Clothesline of Hope" across America!
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